Artist Statement

Throughout my travel to over 50 countries in the last decade, I was very moved and inspired by what I experienced. I want to remember the way people expressing their life stories just by looking at them through my lens. The rusts and the ruggedness speak to me loudly and clearly. There is so much history buried under each peel of the old paints and in between the wrinkle lines on the wise weathered faces. They whisper to me as I press my shutter.

The frames I captured retell these personal accounts to others and remind myself many years later without verbal and written words to distract the illusive visuals. Sometimes circumstance abolished the privilege to narate the story in conventional ways, and you were reduced to only your interpretation of what you see. I want my audience to hear the voices of the storytellers when they look at my photographs. My intention is for my art to speak for itself like a poet recites her poem.

I never develop a habit to use a tripod since I mostly capture candid moments in motion that barely give me an opportunity to stage anything up. Nothing is more captivating than the look of instant gratification or the sudden awe.

I print my photographs on museum-quality canvas for fine arts with high-quality archival inks (acid free, waterproof, and non toxic). Protective coating is sprayed over to preserve the images and to help prevent scratches and other damage, as well as to provide UV light protection.

These images keep my grounded. They remind me that I am a part of the world’s ecosystem and my action will have an impact on its equilibrium, and vice versa. My images motivate me to be involved and to keep telling the touching personal stories to others in the hope that more people will relate to them, and fewer bad decisions will be made.